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Rogues in the House Presents

Rogues in the House Presents aims to bring you the best in new, independent Sword & Sorcery fiction. Explore brave new worlds full of daring adventure and weird horror inspired by the classic heroic fantasy tradition.  

Rogues in the House is an ongoing, critcially acclaimed podcast dedicated to all things Sword & Sorcery. Join Matt, Alex, Logan, Deane, and a myriad special guests as they discuss every nook and cranny of the fantasy genre born from the imagination of Robert E. Howard. From books to movies, comics to music, board games to action figures, these rogues leave no sword unsheathed, no skull un-cleaved.

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A Book of Blades: Volume I


A Book of Blades: Volume II

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Revelations of Zang: Twelve Tales of the Continent




Praise for Rogues in the House 

From the awe-inspiring cover to the brilliant stories inside, this is a must-buy anthology. It is a great mix of established and new writers who all run the gamut of the Sword and Sorcery tradition. This book is an inspiration to a wannabe writer like myself and a breath of fresh air for someone who craves such tales on an almost daily basis.

-Brent Partner, Amazon Customer

This is a great showcase of contemporary and indie sword and sorcery talent with several professionals and recognizable names also contributing. Each story was entertaining and well-written.

-Good Reads Reviewer

'A Book of Blades: Volume II' contains an assortment of excellent Sword and Sorcery tales, both recent and brand new. The Rogues in the House podcast, who've put this together, have stated that their goal was to collect the very best of what contemporary S&S has to offer in this anthology, and one would be hard pressed to say they have not done so.

-Kindle Customer

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About Us

Rogues in the House Podcast is dedicated to bringing fans the entertaining and informative discussion about all things Sword and Sorcery. Now, with Rogues in the House Presents, a small press dedicated to the same cause, the Rogues aim to bring readers the best new Sword & Sorcery fiction written by a diverse roster of voices from the burgeoning community. 



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