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A Book of Blades: Volume I

I leapt a steaming hot spring, hiked over a snowy ridge, and saw that the valley was full of corpses. King Egil’s camp was destroyed, and the bodies  of my friends and brethren lay strewn on the ice, lit up by the long scarlet rays of the setting sun...

     - By the Sword, John C. Hocking

Tarvish sat up with a curse and slapped at the crawling sensation running down his arm. Through bleary eyes, he searched in alarm for some venomous pest, but found none...

     - Wanna Bet?, T.A. Markitan

For a night and a day we had drifted, and we five had but two sips left in our waterskins. The calm waters stretched to every horizon, lapping gently at the side of our boat, now green, now blue. The tropic sun blazed down...

     - The Serpent's Heart, Howard Andrew Jones


A Book of Blades: Volume II

here was no change in the chaotic noise of the wet jungle night. Only a sudden sense of danger, and nearly too late...

     - The White Tower, Charles Clark

The long war was over, and most of Spatha found cause to rejoice. Soldiers returned to their wives; farmers to their fields; and even blacksmiths, whose weapons and armor kindled the flames of war, gladly traded lucrative work for times of peace...

     - Cries from a Sleeping City, Matthew John

The scent of water lilies was a dagger to the heart...

     - What the Desert Blow In, J.M. Clarke

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Revelations of Zang by John R. Fultz

Praise for John R. Fultz!

The mere fact Fultz can publish eleven tales across ten markets in just a few years is a testament to his skill. BTW, John R. Fultz is equally skilled in the novel form as he is in short stories; looking for a dose of weird adventure? Then consider The Shaper Trilogy or Tall Eagle series. He has a knack for blending genres/settings which reflects his desire to take the reader to new places, really weird new places full of disturbing surroundings and high-stakes adventure...if you crave unique fiction that conveys a wild experience, and are excited to immerse yourself in the cover's world, then the answer is: YES, YOU DO WANT THIS.

     -S.E. Lindberg, author of "Dyscrasia" 


To Walk on Worlds by Matthew John

From the Burning Isle to the hellish depths of Zanzara, beyond the demon-haunted planets circling the Black Rim, only Maxus the Meddler may walk on worlds…and woe to any other who tries.

Kings and generals are but pawns for the immortal sorcerer, as are the vengeful creatures from the stars. The machinations of Maxus require many cogs, and only one among them has ever risen beyond his station.

Lachmannon the Kael, a man born from the stony bones of the earth, becomes the meddler's most useful asset. But the Kaelish mercenary's head is as hard as his fists. When Maxus’ monomaniacal goal–to master the sorceries of every world and every age–becomes clear to him, will he remain an expendable tool?

Not bloody likely.

John’s tales of swords, sorcery, and subversion have previously appeared in the pages of Weirdbook, Whetstone, and Tales From the Magician’s Skull. To Walk on Worlds collects nearly a decade’s worth of sardonic dark fantasy, as well as a fistful of new stories printed here for the first time.

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
Book 4
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